March 19, 2018

Sonic Racing Australia

Sonic Racing

Sonic Racing takes pride in having offered innovative products and services way beyond those offered by others who choose to just copy and sell the same old generic stuff that have been around since the 70’s. Results speak for themselves, Sonic Racing and our customers are a testament to that with many State and National titles as well as the many National speed records set using Sonic Racing products. Any dumb prick can say they’ve been taught to do something by an expert however, that doesn’t make them an expert so once again – results speak for themselves.

Larger doesn’t mean slow either as the boats I produce are some of the fastest ever seen on Australian waters across many classes with many National speed records to back up these claims. Sonic Racing was the first in Australia to break the 100 km/h barrier with larger model boats and using model engines, peak readings attained in testing represent many passes at those speeds, not just one run.

I have built many other boats brought in by customers, not just my own hulls, by designing and handcrafting hardware specific to the needs of the build where required. Services include, but are not limited to –
– Component design and CNC maching.
– Lathe work.
– Vacuum infusion.
– General fiberglassing.
– Painting services.
– Graphics design and Vinyl cutting services.

For inquiries, contact Danny at Sonic Racing
Phone 07 3261 7405.
Mobile 0411 340 829.