March 19, 2018

Sonic Racing Australia


Copyright policy of Sonic Racing Australia website material.

All photos and videos of Sonic racing Australia products hosted on the Sonic racing Australia website are the exclusive property of Sonic Racing Australia unless otherwise acknowledged or have been acquired freely from other sources. This material is freely available for all to download. This material may be used in its current format or it may be re-sized for further distribution without any alteration of its content.

What you may not do;

You may not hot link photos or videos on non Sonic Racing Australia products hosted by Sonic Racing Australia for the purpose of promotion, advertising or for any other reason on any other website which includes forums and auction sites such as Ebay for example. If you are un-sure of whether a photo or video is a Sonic Racing Australia product or not, a simple courtesy email request will answer your question. If you wish to use non Sonic Racing Australia content, simply download it and host it on your own servers. That’s just common sense and common courtesy.